About My Services

About My Services


This service is for books of any length that are either fiction or nonfiction, my preference being sweet romances, and other types of fiction that do not contain profanity, crude humor, explicit sex, or graphic violence.

I also proofread nonfiction documents such as training manuals, presentations, marketing brochures, essays, and online website content.

The professionalism of your book, document or website is judged by your customers on content and accuracy.  Let me ensure that your work is the most accurate it can be with spelling, punctuation, grammar,  capitalization, consistency, sentence structure and format.

When you send me your Word document, I will use Track Changes while making changes to the text so you can see exactly what was changed, and then you have the option of either accepting or rejecting those changes.  I will also insert Comments, explaining my reasons for the changes or for other suggestions.



If you are a person who is not fond of sitting at a computer and typing your own document, you may send me an audio file (.mp3) and I will transcribe it for you and send you the completed document as a Word file. You can then print it out to mark your changes,  edit the file itself to insert your desired changes, or you can send me another audio file (or an email) with your instructions and I will make the changes for you and send you the final, updated document.