“When you’re an independent author you need to be able to compete with traditionally published books. My latest book was almost ready to launch, but I was having nagging doubts about whether there might still be typos or inconsistencies in it.

Having Arnetta proofread my book was the best decision I could make. She caught some key mistakes and gave my manuscript that final polish it needed. She is very thorough and detail-oriented, works quickly, and knows her stuff.

Now I can publish my book with confidence!”

— Maryann Jacobsen, MS, RD
Family Nutrition Expert – Indie Author – Blogger



All writers suffer bouts of insecurities and doubts about their work, this is especially true for our first book. Arnetta’s supportive, generous and kind approach to working with authors made all the difference for me.

Arnetta’s critiques were honest, instructive, and ultimately, hugely beneficial to my book. Her meticulous and expert hand can be seen everywhere and I am far more confident about publishing my book now that she’s worked on it.

Arnetta is very professional, quick and considering the great quality of her work, highly affordable. I would recommend working with her to any author who needs to find a proofreader.

— Briar Devero, author of Vampire Needs a Date


Arnetta is a true pro. She’s very dedicated to her job, and you can tell she proofreads with a sense of passion about giving you a truly error-free book. She also offers helpful suggestions that make some parts of the writing better overall. And she does it all quickly and affordably. I highly recommend her!

— Ziad Masri, author of Reality Unveiled

“In Sept. 2015 I published a fiction novel through Createspace on Amazon. I paid for several rounds of editing at a total cost of $ 3,660.00.

It was only after the first copies were printed, and I sent one to Arnetta as a gift, that she made me aware that numerous errors were still present. She took her time and effort to make me a spreadsheet of the errors, so that I could detail a new digital copy.

I then had my book, “The Globe,” reviewed by Indie, and one of the reviewer’s comments was how refreshing it was to read such a cleanly edited book!

Arnetta Jackson has a natural gift for spotting mistakes in text, a great mind for spelling and grammar, and a good mastery of the English language. She made me aware of mistakes without a digital copy to run through editing programs like they did at Createspace.

I recommend her wholeheartedly for any editing project and will certainly use her skills for my next book before it is published.”

— Kate Lindley, DVM

“Arnetta is meticulous and hard-working with a keen eye for detail.”

— Joanna Penn, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author,

“Arnetta has done an excellent job of transcribing from the audio files I am sending her for my upcoming novel. She not only types the words she hears, she also corrects things like improper grammar, converts UK words into their American equivalents, and adds all the formatting needed for dialogue. I am very happy to recommend Arnetta to anyone who needs this service.”

— Penny Appleton, author

“I was privileged to have Arnetta as my Executive Administrative Assistant, for 7 years at the Hewlett-Packard Company, during which she did an excellent job of editing, proof-reading and correcting documents, correspondence, training manuals, presentations, etc., not only for me, but for others in the division. She was considered the “go-to guru” for editing and proofreading for people across the whole site.

Arnetta works with the English language at the highest levels of grammar and accuracy. Her work ethic is legendary. She was consistently ranked at Level 5 (Exceptional), throughout her entire career.”

— Jacqueline Penn, HR Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company, retired